Diez de Noviembre: Potosi, Bolivia
Sunday, November 12, 2006

We arrived at the border town of Copocabana, Bolivia with Jamon the Frenchman on October 28th and have since treked across the Isla de Sol in the middle of Lago Titicaca, dined on fine French cuisine in the highest major city in the world, La Paz, Bolvia, and enjoyed our last bit of asphalt for a long time and we rolled into Potosi, Bolivia on the 10th of November.

As we rode into the city, the streets were lined with people and the plaza was standing room only. Cheering crowds provided for a nice ego boost, but that was short lived as we were trumped by the President of Bolivia´s arrival to kick off the city´s anniversary parade and ensuing party. The festivities seemed to last all day, all night and all weekend which guaranteed a good time, but made it dfficult to find anything that was actually open for business.

Next up, we cross the largest salt lake in the world, Salar de Uyuni and follow that with a 12 day traverse of the Atacama desert (the driest desert in the world) as we cross the border from Bolivia to Chile.

Brook and Craig

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