Downtown Baby!
Tuesday, May 08, 2007

On Sunday, May 6th at 8 pm, I arrived at southernmost city in the World, Ushuaia, Argentina, completing my nearly two year quest to cycle the length of the Americas from North to South to raise money to help fight Diabetes. The last few days were some of the most challenging of the trip as the Antarctic winter finally ran me down, forcing me to cycle/push my way through the snow, ice, and sub-freezing temperatures (basically the most dangerous conditions of the entire trip) for the last few hundred kilometers of my journey.

I rolled into town with my trusted companion through South America, Don Thomas. El Don and I celebrated our arrival with my two guardian angels from Central America, Ruth and Horst, who arrived in Ushuaia just 1 week before.

Between celebratory beersksks and sleep I´ve been working on my final photo gallery and trip report which covers my traverse of southern Patagonia and arrival from Glaciers Nacional Park to Ushuaia. I should have everything ready go in a few days. For me, the final stage of the journey was also my best stage so if you have been following this Web site, make sure not to miss the last trip report--especially the photo gallery.



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